Calypso Theme Waterpark – Branding: Launching a splashing success

Calypso Theme Waterpark was getting ready to open as the biggest and best waterpark in Canada. In order to make a splash and reach their goal of 300,000 visitors in their opening year, they needed to create a brand that would attract families and adults and keep them coming back. Our team was brought on to help create this memorable brand and consumer experience.

We wanted to highlight the park’s tagline “Canada’s biggest and best theme waterpark” by showing off the many state-of-the-art rides Calypso has to offer in all the collateral. After all, the park is all about fun! We also developed five magical characters designed to appeal to people of all ages and highlight the different areas of the park.

Calypso Theme Waterpark’s opening year was a great success – more than 375,000 visitors, eclipsing their objective by 25%. We have since continued our partnership with Calypso for more than three years and look forward to working on more entertainment marketing campaigns with them in the future.

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