Showing how easy public transit can be on YRT/Viva


York Region Transit has been a client of ours for several years, and they’re a great partner. Our latest campaign for the system is a hard-hitting ridership campaign that challenges drivers to consider the quality of their commute. Especially given increasing traffic congestion in one of Canada’s fastest-growing regions.

YRT Ridership Poster 2

Our new work uses the classic “split-screen” approach to contrast the personal and environmental stresses of car commuting with a clean, relaxing, ride on YRT/Viva. The campaign is on transit, billboards, digital and social media throughout York Region.

YRT Ridership Poster 3

Our photographer was Jessica Deeks, who shot for our recent Ontario Public Service Employees Union campaign. She sent us this cool behind-the-scenes video from her blog:

The campaign leads to a landing page,, which provides lots of easy ways to get started as a transit rider, including a trip planner, the YRT App, and an “ask me anything” site,

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