What’s Inside?

For the second year in a row, Acart is working with St. Lawrence College to give potential students a window into what life at the college is really like and promote their 3-campus Open House a week from this Saturday (Nov. 20).

This year’s crowdsourcing contest, “Inside SLC”, once again invites current students to share their unique, funny and creative insights in videos and still photos. However, we tried something a little different to promote it by writing and producing a “stunt video” to attract attention and hopefully inspire aspiring filmmakers.

Shot at the Brockville campus by our in-house videographer, Christopher, the video features students from the school’s performing arts program. In the starring role is Jessica Thompson- whose fresh and unstaged performance ties the whole thing together.

So what are they doing in there? Post your guess in the comments below.

The Inside SLC video and photo contest runs until November 19 on St. Lawrence College’s Facebook Page. If you’re a student, you still have until 5 p.m EST on Friday, November 19, to enter to win one of two iPads! Anyone can vote.

Give your support to creative youth, and go check out their creative. As the ad agency, we’re privately hoping to scout some great new talent.

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