What’s a Voter Information Card? Our new #elxn42 ads explain

If you live in Canada, or consume Canadian media, you’ve probably seen our campaign for the federal election by now. Following the voter registration phase, we’ve now moved on to informing Canadian voters about the Voter Information Card they should have received in the mail by now.

As before, our helpful animated character explains what the Voter Information Card is, what it’s for, and what to do if you either didn’t receive one or it has incorrect information.

The campaign is running on TV, in print, on radio, in online ads, in public transit, on campuses and through TimsTV — as well as the Elections Canada social media channels.

We’re extremely proud to be able to help Canadian voters access all the information they need to be ready to vote. Stay tuned for more Elections Canada advertising, running up until Election Day on Monday, October 19th.


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