Welcome to The Village


Acart Communications has occupied The Acart Building on Nepean Street since the ’80s. In the years since, Ottawa has been through many changes.

A significant recognition of this change came last November, when the City officially designated six blocks of Bank Street, from Nepean to James, as “The Village“.

“The Village” is now an official neighbourhood, like Chinatown or Little Italy. But the group of people who lay claim to this stretch of downtown are Ottawa’s gay community. Moving into the area since the bad old days of oppressive laws and attitudes, they have prospered to become the major economic and cultural force in Centretown. (It’s also known as the “Gaybourhood“.)

“This is something the community can take an enormous sense of pride in,” says Village chair Glenn Crawford on The Village’s blog. “We now, for the first time, have an officially designated Village in Ottawa. That’s huge and it’s just beginning to sink in for me how big this is. We’ve known this has existed for many years, as we’ve seen the area grow and become more GLBT-friendly, but now, after years of hard work, the Village has become recognized by the City as a unique area of specific cultural importance.”

Being located half-a-block east of the Village limit at Bank and Nepean, Acart is now one of the “mainstream” businesses sharing the neighbourhood with more specialized services. What we all value is the diversity of our vibrant urban community.

So let me take this opportunity to let our neighbours of every belief, background and orientation know that I am proud to live and work in such an accepting community, and to serve all clients with equal respect and understanding.

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