Voting goes viral in #elxn42 with #voteselfie

This just might be the election that brings youth voters back to the ballot. Elections Canada estimates that 42,000 students voted on special “pop-up” ballots at campuses, and that 3.6 Million Canadians voted at advance polls. These are promising numbers for a country in which election turnout has been trending downwards since the 1980s.

So, what happened? Perhaps it’s generational change. The young voters I see on my networks and circles are enthusiastic about having a voice in the big picture, and they take the issues seriously.

But not so seriously that they don’t do it their own way. Hence, the #voteselfie:

On both Twitter and Instagram, people are celebrating their coming of age as voters, and encouraging peers to do the same.

In fact it’s become so popular that, as BuzzFeed reports, So Many People Are Taking Voting Selfies That Elections Canada Is Now Giving Them Advice:

This is the first general election in which Elections Canada has been engaged in social media, both organic and with paid advertising. And it’s going quite well. With all generations.

So just remember: You can #voteselfie on Monday. Just don’t do it inside the polling place.

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