Be A Volunteer To Make A Difference, Not A Selfie

With International Volunteer Day taking place December 5th, you have a perfect opportunity to give back to your community and help the less fortunate. 

But do it because you want to, not because you want a selfie.

In our socially wired world, it’s easy to forget your own self-worth when it’s so automatic to seek praise for your efforts by posting a pic of your good deed or taking a selfie. Does the value of giving oneself to help those in the community diminish because it wasn’t posted, tweeted or instagrammed?

I remember years ago I was sorting cans of food at a local food drive. Someone timidly approached asking for a bag of donated food to help feed their family. A younger colleague of mine then proceeded to hand over a bag while she took a selfie with the person. She captioned it on her social media post: “Helping the hungry one at a time.” She had no qualms praising herself especially as the “likes” started pouring in. She then called it quits and went home. She did her good deed for the day. 

Is this how we gauge our volunteerism? 

If you’re going to make December 5th that one day of the year you find the time in your heart to volunteer, may I recommend turning off your phone for the entire time you are volunteering? You’ll find your giving nature will come through and you’ll be more attentive and compassionate without constantly checking your email or angling for that perfect selfie shot. You’ll feel better for it!

Photo via Volunteering Australia

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