Cyber Safety Infographic

Turning Graphs into Graphics for Public Safety Canada

Public Safety Canada, with the help of Ekos Research Associates Inc., conducted a public opinion research survey of Canadian Internet users on personal cyber security. Through their research, they discovered interesting data and trends on the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours of Canadians who use the Internet. As part of their Get Cyber Safe campaign, Public Safety Canada asked Acart to create an infographic and video to present the survey’s key findings.

Our challenge was to sift through the numbers and transform them into a compelling, purposeful story. Canadians are the most frequent Internet users in the world and do an array of activities online, from social networking and emailing, to banking and shopping. But are we cyber safe? Are we aware of the risks of cyber threats? What can we do to protect ourselves? These are the questions the infographic should make us ask ourselves – and is where we can get the answers.

We narrowed down the most interesting and relevant statistics into three main categories:

  • What devices do Canadians use to go online?
  • How do Canadians connect?
  • Why do Canadians go online?

Next, we provided fundamental safety tips for each category, so as people read, they can learn proper safety measures.

The design of the infographic and animated video are important in telling the story. The colours are vibrant and eye catching. The icons and symbols are bold and easy to understand. They are dynamic and flow well, guiding the user through device and online safety and sending them to to learn more.

Canadian Cyber Safety infographic

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