Trading Spaces: Being Productive Away From Your Desk

There’s something to be said for working diligently at your desk. After all, everything you need is at your fingertips. But convenience also means you’re instantly accessible – by phone, by Skype or by someone coming into your office every 5 minutes. In our ever increasing multi-tasking world, how’s one to get some work done? 

Many are now working away from their desk to be more productive

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery to spark your thinking. You needn’t go far. Try taking your laptop and working in an empty boardroom, in the cafeteria or in the office lobby. Try sitting on a couch or at the lunch table. Getting out of your work comfort zone rejuvenates and motivates. Many say they accomplish much more this way than being chained to their desk.

If you’re in an office with multiple floors, perhaps a change in floors would do the trick. Surrounding yourselves with others in the company you don’t necessarily interact with on a daily basis, may put you in a different frame of mind. Maybe even inspire you.  

You may feel the need to leave the building altogether to think creatively. Next time you head to your local java spot to do a coffee run, grab your laptop and enjoy your coffee and your thoughts in new surroundings. There’s a reason why many writers spend the day among the baristas. The constant flow of customers recharges your setting and helps avoid the daily humdrum of sitting behind your desk. Just don’t forget to let your supervisor know you’re stepping out.

If you’re all coffee’d out and the need for fresh air beckons, why not sit on a park bench by your office? Many public parks and gathering spaces have free wi-fi or you could take the opportunity to work off-line. You can complete many tasks, free from distraction, before heading back to your desk.

Finally, some even said they can get a lot of work done in the bathroom with minimal interruption. Apart from hygiene, this opens up a lot of other issues we won’t bother going into.

Sometimes it just takes an hour or two away from your desk to break up the daily routine

You may be surprised by the results.

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