This morning, Acart employees, clients, friends and family took a break to support breast cancer survivors. As our contribution to the Canadian Breast Cancer Network’s Breaks for Breast Cancer, we held a pastry and coffee reception fundraiser.

To raise additional funds, we also produced Tidbits, a book of our favourite sweet treat recipes, and offered it for a minimum $5 donation to CBCN.

The books are part of an ongoing fundraising project, and are available from Acart Communications. If you’d like one, please ask at reception or see if you can get a friend at the agency to buy you one as a gift!

This event was organized by Cause Loop, Acart’s employee-run internal Corporate Social Responsibility committee. There are more photos on our Facebook Page.

This morning’s break raised over $800 for breast cancer survivor support and advocacy. To see more of Acart Cause Loop‘s activities, follow this blog. We take our call-to-arms of “Change Marketing” very seriously.