The Very Image of Care

We all have contact with the healthcare system at one time or another, but do we really understand and appreciate the specialized skills each practitioner brings to the table?

That was the challenge that faced us when we took on an image and branding campaign for the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT).

MRTs are the people who perform your X-Rays, ultrasounds, MRIs and other imaging procedures, as well as providing nuclear medicine. They are the ones who provide doctors with the visual information they need for proper diagnosis and treatment, and the ones who assist with radiation therapy. Just as importantly, they are there to provide compassion and understanding when people are going through the joys, the pains, the hopes and the fears of life-changing medical events.

CAMRT wants to increase the awareness of MRTs roles and importance among patients, the profession itself, and with healthcare colleagues. Our approach was to brand the profession with a positive statement that showed their particular place in the nexus between technology and care.

Today, we launched the and, launching our new brand message and imagery for the profession.

“The Very Image Of Care” is a statement about the MRTs technological work as well as a declaration of their essential role in caring for patients. The imagery is all about positivity, technology, caring and seeing.

The site has helpful information for patients about procedures involving an MRT, resources for students interested in becoming an MRT, and lots of interesting facts about the people and the technology involved in the profession.

An ad campaign will roll out next month. Watch for it. And if you visit an MRT, you’ll be more aware and appreciative of these amazing people in Canada’s healthcare.

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