The FAB kids of “Fill-A-Bus”

When I was a kid, visits to friends’ and family members’ farms were a highlight of the summer. There’s always something going on — baby rabbits, milking, egg collecting, haying, harvest — and you come face to face with the reality of our food supply.

But not all urban kids get that opportunity. As our food becomes more and more processed (and unhealthy) kids can spend their whole life without really thinking where food comes from. This has two unfortunate consequences:

First, they lack an appreciation of the contribution local and family farmers make to our everyday life. This is particularly tragic when farming and processing become increasingly industrialized.

Second, you can’t start and sustain healthy eating habits unless you form a relationship with fresh food and learn how to prepare it.

The Canada Agriculture Museum teaches school-aged children how the food they eat gets from the farm to their dinner table. Their programs offer a stimulating hands-on farm experience coupled with curriculum focused on agriculture-related science, technology, health and personal development.

These programs are great, but not all parents and kids can afford to send their kids to daycamp. The Fill-a-bus program, in conjunction with the Agriculture Museum Youth Fund and Baskets with Panache!, provides assistance to schools within the National Capital Region by providing financial support that covers students’ transportation and/or program registration fees.

Acart’s Cause Loop, our employee-run corporate social responsibility committee, decided to help out by creating a cute video to drive home why we need to teach kids to have a better understanding of how their meals get from field to plate:

We’re using our social media channels to spread the message. Please help us out and share!

And please donate to the Fill-a-bus program to help less advantaged children in the National Capital Region learn about the importance of agriculture, science and nutrition. $10 sends one child to the Canada Agriculture Museum for a day; $300 will send a whole busload!

Concept and videography donated by Acart. Thanks to all the kids and parents who volunteered their time!

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