3 Common Twitter Mistakes Businesses Make that Lead to Unfollows

Ever noticed someone (or several people) unfollow you on Twitter? It’s a strange feeling when one minute you have 1000 followers, you leave to go to lunch and come back to 700. Where did you go wrong?

A shrinking following base might mean your business is making critical Twitter mistakes. In this post, we’ll highlight three common Twitter no-no’s and form solutions so you can keep your following base happy and intact.

Mistake #1: You only talk about yourself

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Why you shouldn’t

Talking about your company too much will make your followers feel like a salesman is backing them into a corner. Their first reaction will be to flee, and your numbers will start to drop.

What you should do

It’s okay to advertise your business and promotions, but keep it balanced. Twitter is based around give and take. Don’t forget to retweet interesting posts, share stories not written purely with ROI in mind, and interact with others to form solid Twitter relationships.

Mistake #2: You tweet too often (or not enough)

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Why you shouldn’t

If your brand is filling up someone’s feed to the point that they can’t see tweets from anyone else, they’ll unfollow. On the other hand, if you only tweet once in a blue moon, you’re a waste of space. Contrary to popular belief, following a brand on Twitter does not just mean “I like you guys”. They’re subscribing to your posts with the hope that you will regularly post quality, useful content.

What you should do

If your brand has a lot of messages you need to get across, there are websites, such as Twuffer.com, that can help schedule your tweets so you’re not posting all at once. Also, take a minute to go over your tweet. Will your followers find it useful or interesting? If no, don’t post it. If you’re having trouble finding things to tweet about, read some articles about your industry and post about the latest trends.

Mistake #3: You post boring content

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Why you shouldn’t

If your tweets are along the lines of “today’s a great day to visit us” or “what’s your opinion on _____” they’re not interesting, and frankly, no one will care. Do you even care?

What you should do

Post unique content that is relevant to your followers. What kind of posts would your target audience enjoy? Is it jokes, lists, or tips? Test different things and see what works best for your brand.


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