Teaching Canadians to #ConnectSmarter with the Internet of Things

Do you have a smart TV, or maybe a smart home assistant? Even if you don’t, you probably know someone who does. But you may not know that these smart devices make up the Internet of Things (IoT).

As these devices are becoming more commonplace, Public Safety Canada tasked us with educating Canadians on the Internet of Things through their Get Cyber Safe initiative. This included providing information on how to keep your gadgets, network, personal information, and home, safe from cyber incidents.

And what better way to teach Canadians how to #ConnectSmarter (ou #ConnectéFuté en Français) than with a video of the IoT in action.


The video showcases seven IoT devices, from a smart fridge to an alarm system. It gives tips on how to securely set up, use, and update devices to protect yourself from possible security risks.

Secondly, we created a webpage and blog post where information can be found on how the IoT works, how connected devices can be affected by cyber incidents, and a list of security tips.

Finally, we took to social media, using a futuristic new design that blends photography and iconography. The design highlights how the IoT seamlessly fits into our daily lives.




Interested in a fully integrated campaign, with video, social media, and more? #CampaignSmarter: Contact Acart today!
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