The Federation takes over Ottawa! #startrek #starfleetott

If you were in Ottawa this weekend, you may have seen some strange things going on. First, on Thursday night, this strange video appeared on YouTube. It seemed to show an extraterrestrial object entering the atmosphere over Ottawa: The video showed up on CTV Ottawa Morning Live the next day, and within the first 24… Continue reading The Federation takes over Ottawa! #startrek #starfleetott

Voting goes viral in #elxn42 with #voteselfie

This just might be the election that brings youth voters back to the ballot. Elections Canada estimates that 42,000 students voted on special “pop-up” ballots at campuses, and that 3.6 Million Canadians voted at advance polls. These are promising numbers for a country in which election turnout has been trending downwards since the 1980s. So,… Continue reading Voting goes viral in #elxn42 with #voteselfie

Elections Canada is a “WIN” on BuzzFeed! #elxn42

In addition to the mainstream media campaign we’ve developed for Elections Canada in the 2015 federal election, Acart has explored some innovative media opportunities. Perhaps the most unexpected is the commissioning of two “listicles” as native advertising on BuzzFeed. For those unfamiliar with it, BuzzFeed is an American-based media company that has evolved from user-generated… Continue reading Elections Canada is a “WIN” on BuzzFeed! #elxn42

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