Metro Ottawa goes #Klingon for #StarfleetOTT

Ottawa was in for another Trekker surprise on Tuesday, April 26, as the front page of popular commuter newspaper Metro Ottawa was published in glorious Klingon! This was, of course, another surprise element of our advance buzz campaign for Canada Aviation and Space Museum’s Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience. The Klingon front page, with… Continue reading Metro Ottawa goes #Klingon for #StarfleetOTT

Promoting #StarfleetGala in glorious Klingon!

Here at Acart, we are no strangers to multicultural advertising. In our recent campaign for Elections Canada, we communicated with Canadians in 34 different languages. But we had never done an extraterrestrial language adaptation. Until now: Those of you familiar with the Star Trek franchise will recognize this as Klingon. Those familiar with Klingon will… Continue reading Promoting #StarfleetGala in glorious Klingon!

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