Get #FloodReady with Bryan Baeumler!

Many regions across Canada are experiencing spring flooding. Unfortunately, with overflowing rivers (and other bodies of water) often comes costly property damages. Now more than ever it’s important Canadians take steps to protect their homes from overland flooding. Our latest campaign for Public Safety Canada features shareable resources as well as TV personality and DIY expert,… Continue reading Get #FloodReady with Bryan Baeumler!

Helping Canadians be more #FloodReady

Have you ever asked yourself, is my home in danger from overland flooding? Is there anything I can do to protect my property? Will my insurance cover the potential damage? Our latest campaign for Public Safety Canada urges Canadians to learn the answers to these (and many other) questions about flood risks and planning. It’s… Continue reading Helping Canadians be more #FloodReady

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