Style Your Profile: First Impressions Still Count!

In this age where you can work from anywhere around the globe, putting an effort into what you wear when interacting with your fellow man appears to have fallen by the wayside. 

Yes, you can even Skype or Facetime into your meetings from home while wearing your PJs! Many people think, “Why bother dressing up if I only need to show my face?”

Hoodies and T-shirts seem to be de rigueur among today’s young professionals, because “comfiness breeds creativity,” or so they say. But when it comes time to showcase your work and yourself to customers or clients face-to-face, dress sense shouldn’t take a back seat.

Listen, I’m not saying to spend hundreds or thousands on looking good. Some do. But you don’t have to. Sometimes all it takes is putting on a nice tie and jacket. Or a bowtie and cardigan paired with a nice pair of Chinos. Or even a pocket square sneakily jutting out of your blazer pocket. Great finds can be found at consignment shops or vintage clothing stores. Outlets and department store chains offer great deals, especially when you stock up close to Father’s Day.

In the grand scope of #agencylife, whether you’re attending a job interview or informally networking over a cup of coffee, I always say, “Dress to Impress.” When I interviewed potential hires while working for a high profile media company, I always remembered the ones who took the time to make a good first impression, regardless of what job opening they were applying for. 

And I also remembered those who believed style and good grooming equated to what they’ve been spoon fed by their favourite celebrity over social media. Sports team hoodies, tattered jeans, branded flip flops, sweat pants, and Ts. Yes, I remember you. But for all the wrong reasons.

There’s no excuse to look like you’ve just fallen out of bed. It might have worked in college, but when the competition is tough and you’re trying to make that first impression, the real world takes no prisoners.

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