Stray Dog Brewing Co. Launches in Orleans!

The Ottawa neighbourhood of Orleans got a taste of its first local craft brew last night as Stray Dog Brewing Company launched its first taps at OCCO Kitchen.

Stray Dog is also Acart’s newest client, and we’re proud to provide this great start-up in The Nation’s Capital with marketing and PR expertise.

The company began as a vision by award-winning home brewers Justin MacNeill and Marc Plante, to start a brewery that embodied “the spirit of adventure and the courage to pursue the passions that enrich our lives.” A third beer visionary, Genevieve Brisebois-Benay, soon joined the partnership, and the brand really grew some legs.


The three partners are all proud Orleans boosters, and they are part of a growing movement to bring unique culinary and cultural experiences to the suburban neighbourhood. Launching the beer at OCCO, a popular east-end foodie destination, is part of that spirit. This exciting new player in the Orleans Renaissance also drew celebrity MC Melissa Lamb from CTV Ottawa, who is also from Orleans.


The first Stray Dog beer on tap is “This One”. It’s based on a California Common, a unique North American style with a rich history dating back to the Gold Rush era. Creamy smooth and malty, it’s the kind of beer that has you asking for “This One” again and again. (And in my case, a couple more times.)


Great beer, great food, great company. This evening had it all! Thanks, Justin, Marc, and Gen, for inviting us to be part of the adventure!

We know you’re thirsty now. Good news: Stray Dog’s This One is on tap now at select pubs including OCCO Kitchen, Broadway Orleans Gardens, and D & S Southern Comfort BBQ, with lots more to come.

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