Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience has launched #StarfleetOTT

Acart Starfleet Poster EK

It’s here! Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience opened on Friday, May 13, at Canada Aviation and Space Museum — the day after an official launch featuring William Shatner (Captain James T Kirk) at #StarfleetGala.

Following our immersive pre-launch campaign, including viral and teaser videos, an experiential crash site, a Twitter-enabled Enterprise captain’s chair video booth experience, and a Klingon takeover of Metro Ottawa, our campaign has earned massive media attention.

CTV, the CBC, the Ottawa Citizen, The Globe and Mail, Ottawa Magazine, and may more — including Discovery Channel — helped get the word out to thousands and thousands of fans.

As well, our presence at Ottawa Comiccon was a huge boost on opening weekend, including an epic Star Trek/Star Wars mashup with a former pilot of the Millennium Falcon taking the command chair of the USS Enterprise!!!

lando on enterprise bridge

Even the mayors of Ottawa and Calgary got in on the action…

Our campaign will continue throughout the summer in English, French, and Klingon.

starfleet ottawa bus

Look for it all over Ottawa, and for the love of Spock, make sure you do the experience! It’s running at Canada Aviation and Space Museum until Labour Day.

Acart Starfleet Poster FK

You can buy your tickets here. Book your visit now to avoid disappointment!

(Thanks to Rocket 57 Illustration for the stunning original artwork, and to Fuse Communications for their great PR support.)

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