Squash Canada centennial logo

Celebrating Squash Canada’s Centennial with a Vintage Logo

This year is a big one for Squash Canada. Not only are they involved in the 2015 Canada Winter Games and Toronto’s 2015 Pan Am Games, but it’s also their centennial! Since 1915, they have been the national leader in driving excellence in the sport, and we’re excited to join in their centennial celebration.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Squash Canada, our team developed their new heritage logo (colour and black and white versions) which will be used in multiple applications including print, digital, and on merchandise.

Squash Canada black and white centennial logo

With the design, it was our goal to pay tribute to the sport’s heritage by combining a classic, vintage look with Canadian symbolism. The finished product (seen above) is something we, and the people at Squash Canada, are very proud of.

Danny Da Costa, Executive Director at Squash Canada stated, “We feel that this timeless logo will resonate with many Canadian squash fans. The logo has great marketing and merchandising appeal by paying tribute to the organization’s rich history and to our Canadian culture.”

Our team is looking forward to collaborating with Squash Canada on more projects in the future, including the design and development of an interactive timeline honouring the organization’s key milestones that will be released later this year.

Congratulations Squash Canada!

For more about the project, see Squash Canada’s press release.

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