Eating at work

Snack Attack: Satisfying Your Munchie Cravings at Work

We spend a minimum of 8 hours a day at work and sometimes we need a little fuel to re-fire our creativity. Yes, we all have our 3 square meals a day. But in between, the inevitable snack cravings hit.

What to eat?

Many people sitting at their desk have their own go-to options, some healthy, some not as healthy yet sinfully delicious. Are one of these your midday treats?

The number one go-to for many people. But which to choose? Milk, dark, white, bittersweet? With nuts or caramel? So many choices. So many calories. Dark chocolate is a powerful source of antioxidants which may improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. Sometimes, you just need to satisfy your sweet tooth to be inspired.

For some people, the immediate taste-burst curbs the appetite without serious calories. Plus, if you veer towards the minty, you’ll be fresh-breathed among your colleagues. But many end up swallowing their gum when their stomach cravings need to be filled. Not the greatest thing to have that sitting in your stomach which you’d usually find stuck to the bottom of a desk or chair.

Veggies and Fruit
Perfect to snack on, light on the calories. Pre-washed, pre-packaged bags (carrots, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes; melon, pineapple and watermelon chunks) make it easy to fill your cravings. Just don’t go overboard on the creamy veggie or high fructose caramel dips or you’ll lose the benefits.

Brain food is what they say. Salted? Unsalted? Though high in fat, nuts contain mostly healthy unsaturated fats, so all good there. Walnuts keep the brain healthy, almonds lower cholesterol while macadamias lower blood pressure. So grab a handful and snack away – just be mindful of your sodium intake. And avoid the pop to quench your salt induced thirst.

Potato Chips, Cheesies, Popcorn, Cookies and the like
Though they instantly hit the hunger spot, munching on these snacks long term can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, with negligible nutritional benefits. Usually high in carbs, these snacks convert to blood sugar fairly quickly, and end up turning into fat. You end up wanting to nap at your desk which doesn’t help workflow. Popcorn may be a better alternative if you don’t end up drowning your popped kernels in salt and butter.

Plain old water satiates the hunger cravings with zero calories. Totally healthy for you, the recommendation is to drink 8 eight-ounce glasses per day. Forgo the instant water flavouring solutions. Although they may be sweetened with artificial (ex. Aspartame) or natural (ex. Stevia) sweeteners, you subconsciously end up reasoning with yourself that you could indulge in a bag of chips or a handful of cookies to even things out since you’re drinking zero-caloried flavoured water.

No matter what you like to snack on, make sure it inspires you to get the job done.

And don’t forget to share with your work mates.

What’s your favourite go-to office snack?