School’s Out – Set Your Career Search in Motion This Summer

Your semester is over and thoughts of chilling at the beach or patio all day come to mind.

Though tempting as the summer sun may be after a long winter of studies, have you thought of taking some of your summer time to network and plan for your internship?

Summer is down-time for a lot of businesses, agencies in particular. This is your chance to reach out to an organization where you’d like to work, without the probability of causing any major work interruptions. The advantage is also yours because prospective employers will most likely have more time for you. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get your feet wet with a one or two-week summer placement while their employees are on vacation.

Before you reach out to your prospect, get your resume in order. Since you’re not busy juggling courses or cramming for exams, summer is the perfect time to brush up your resume. Specifically tailor your cover letter so you’re not sending the same, generic letter to everyone.

Try networking and meeting prospects out on a patio, away from the interruptions of the office. Who’d turn down a coffee on a shaded patio in the breeze?student working outside

If you’re lucky to snag a week or two shadowing in the office, make the most of the opportunity. Show off your multi-tasking skills and put in the effort to become indispensable. Be available to cover for people while they’re away on vacation. Use the finite time you have to learn as much as you can. And summer’s early sunrises and late sunsets make it easy to arrive early and leave a bit later from the office, making a good impression.

The more you entrench yourself in the work environment, the more chances you have down the road to become their next hire.

Before going back to school, lock in a spot for your official student work placement. When classes begin, you can concentrate on your studies without worrying about the hassles of securing your co-op arrangement. You’ll be ahead of the game as your fellow students panic last minute to find their place.

Make the most of your summer. You can have your fun in the sun and still set time aside to advance your career search. There’s no better season to do so.

Reach out to Acart Communications this summer to explore your opportunities and tour our offices.

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