Relationeering: Garnering Earned Media

When a T-Rex crashed Montreal Comiccon, stomping its way through the crowds on the show floor…

T-Rex at Montreal Comiccon

Or when a unique, craft brewery unveiled itself to the world for the first time, hosted by a local TV celebrity…

Stray Dog Brewing Co. launch coverage

Or when Captain Kirk’s iconic chair from Star Trek made the rounds in the Nation’s Capital, encouraging fans to geek out…

Star Trek Captain's Chair coverage

It was earned media that put coverage of these stories and events over the top.

These days more clients are diverting their ever-shrinking ad budget dollars to more creative, promotional ways to get publicity. But no matter how creative or innovative you are, it won’t matter unless you have the right relationships with the people who will provide you the earned media.

Establishing relationships with key decision makers in TV, radio, print, social, and digital is the first step to effectively garnering earned media for your event or organization.

Media relationships must be engineered (or relationeered, as I like to call it) in order to maximize your coverage. They need to be nurtured and cultivated over time for them to be effective for you.

For sure you could send out a media release and pick up a phone and hope for the best. But if you’ve correctly relationeered a contact, you’re most likely to have guaranteed coverage with the reporter having more insight into the message you’re trying to convey.

Relationeering with your sources develops over time. Need to quicken the process? With 40 years under its belt, Acart Communications has cultivated long lasting and successful relationships with the media.

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