Recruitment branding strikes gold

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been busy behind the scenes with a new client: Agnico-Eagle Mines (AEM).

AEM is a Canadian resource company with a difference, and it’s one we could see, hear and feel the moment we walked into their Toronto office. It’s the kind of pride and joy that most HR directors only dream of — and yet everyone we met who works at AEM seems to feel it every day at work!

And it’s not just in the office. AEM’s mining operations in northern Canada, Mexico and Finland inspire similar loyalty. Perhaps it’s because the company is so loyal back to its people, and socially responsible in its communities.

So this branding assignment was not so much a matter of looking for what working at AEM is all about, so much as doing it justice. In reviewing company materials, we saw a video created by the Mexican group called “Somos Agnico-Eagle” – “We are Agnico-Eagle”. That was the a-ha! moment: “Be Agnico-Eagle/ Être Agnico-Eagle” (which will also be adapted to Spanish, Finnish and Inuktitut).

We created a brand messaging structure for AEM’s recruitment message, then designed the branded career microsite (seen here) along with other collateral.

The brand is about community. People who work hard, often in isolation from the outside world, to extract gold from deep underground. That forges a sense of teamwork that many of us can’t fathom. And that camaraderie is felt consistently from the mines to the boardrooms.

That grassroots feeling of connectedness also makes AEM’s recruitment brand a naturally social one. So we developed a custom Facebook Page for them that would let current employees around the world connect and show off their pride for themselves.

Check it out!

The brand also had a “real world” launch this week at the CIM Conference and Exhibition.

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