Changing perceptions of public transit reliability

York Region Transit (YRT/Viva) is a longtime client of Acart’s, and one of our favourites. Not only do they have the vision to push the boundaries of public transit marketing, but our collaborations have contributed to record ridership numbers.

Our latest campaign is part of YRT/Viva’s efforts to show people how riders are the centre of all operations. With great customer service, and very responsive social media, YRT/Viva continues to prove to York Region residents that they really “Get where you’re going” — not just literally, but also by understanding their individual needs.

In this case, the narrative is about demonstrating that running a large transit system with impressive on-time performance (95%!) is not just accomplished by hard work, but also empathy and insight:

Rock concert ticket reads: "Doors open at 8:00 PM and the opening act is your date's favourite band"  Body copy reads, "We understand why you need to be on time"  Call-to-action:

Wedding invitation reads:

Kid's birthday barty invitation reads: "It's your daughter's best friend's birthday party! And you're expected to get your kid to the movie theatre by 1 pm sharp! "  Call-to-action:

Aimed at people in all stages of life, each ad gave us the opportunity to create an identifiable human drama using just a few words and a hint at complex human relationships.

Some of the out-of-home placements let us customize the message, such as these cinema door clings:

We know you want to get seats together

we know you want to see all the trailers

we know you want time to buy popcorn

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