Canadian Armed Forces – Women in the Forces: Increasing awareness

Looking to increase the level of interest among qualified female candidates to the Canadian Armed Forces, the Department of National Defence (DND) launched a national campaign for women. Our team was given the task to increase the percentage of visits to the Women in the Forces webpage by 5% before June 1, 2014.

Our approach included testimonials and showcased how a career in the Forces could fit a modern woman’s lifestyle and goals. The media strategy had an innovative, targeted mix that included posters at fitness locations, wall decals in women’s change-rooms at post-secondary schools, content marketing, digital and magazine ads, as well as large format ads in high-traffic transit locations.

Online and offline advertising resulted in a 786% increase in page views to the Women in the Forces page compared to 2013 (197,143 vs. 22,251). Moreover, page takeovers, banner ads, and in-banner video ads proved to be effective at driving website visitors who demonstrated an intent to apply, while pre-roll and social ads proved to be effective at increasing overall website visits.

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