The Great Waterway

The Great Waterway (RTO9 – Ontario’s Regional Tourism Organization 9) tasked Acart to bring together a diverse set of tourism products, destinations, partners, operators and stakeholders under a comprehensive advertising campaign to get visitors to travel further in the region and stay longer.

Following the “Find your happy place” strategic angle, Acart created a fresh new regional positioning that featured all main destinations in The Great Waterway to reach a broader audience in more markets.

Acart chose a digital-first approach was used to reach target audiences accompanied by a balanced media plan – a mix of targeted print, out-of-home, digital and paid social media channels, as well as native advertising to ensure each destination brand was well represented. This campaign was produced in both official languages, English and French.

Social media was used to enhance content and engagement on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The campaign was produced in both official languages (English and French).

Overall, the campaign exceeded projected growth expectation by 5% and delivered over 40.5 million impressions via transit shelters, bike racks, Metro newspapers, Facebook ads, Trip Advisor ads and Google Display Network Banner ads. Organic search traffic increased by 18% with 19% new users and Social media engagement increased on Twitter by 17%, Facebook likes increased 10% and Instagram followers increased by 23%.

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