Citizenship and Immigration Canada – Super Visa: Helping families reunite faster

In 2011, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) launched the Super Visa, which enables parents and grandparents from abroad to visit family members in Canada for extended periods of time. Following its launch, CIC needed a campaign to inform new and established immigrants about the benefits of the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa, its requirements, and who is eligible to apply.

Campaign development included two distinct concepts for testing. The chosen concept focuses on the strongest benefit of the Super Visa – that it is the best and fastest way to reunite family. Two executions of the final concept were developed, one targeting the Chinese-Canadian community and the other targeting the Indo-Canadian community; this required adapting the message in several languages (i.e. Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Hindi, and Punjabi). The media strategy for the 2013–14 Super Visa campaign included ethnic print and radio, transit shelters, billboards, posters, grocery divider AdBars, and online ads (Facebook, Twitter, banners, and paid search). All tactics had a call-to-action to drive the audience to the campaign’s digital landing page.

ACET reported overall aided recall for the 2013–14 campaign was 45%. Digital advertising had a 0.65% click-through-rate (3x higher than the industry benchmark) and the landing page averaged 31,394 visits per week throughout the campaign. Analytics showed direct traffic to the landing page increased by 22% per week, proving the impact of non-digital media (e.g. print, radio, and out-of-home).

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