MiWay: #OnMiWay Student Ridership Campaign

What needed to change

The on-demand economy is exploding. On-demand ridesharing apps. On-demand food delivery. And on-demand entertainment. In the age of on-demand, how do you make public transportation more attractive to students? By showing them MiWay is a better way to commute and connect.

#ChangeMarketing solution

We appealed to our demographic’s need for autonomy and independence, connecting with them on campus, on the streets, and online. Our communications strategy was tailored, colourful, and reflective of Mississauga’s diverse community.

From bus wraps to Snapchat filter, we let students know MiWay is the way.

What changed

In the month following the campaign, Presto ridership grew by 36%. The campaign shattered digital benchmarks, tripling the number of unique website views compared to the 2017 campaign.

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