Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club – Lead Generation: Teeing up the city of Ottawa for members

The Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club (a.k.a. the Hunt Club) is a private, upscale golf and curling club located in Ottawa. Acart was hired to develop a campaign that would generate leads for potential members.

Acart created and deployed two direct mail pieces: a special package hand-delivered to the top 30 prospects inviting them for a tour and a complimentary round of golf, and a mailed invitation asking other prospects to come for a tour and complimentary lunch. In order to choose and rank our list of invitees, we used data overlays to identify the consumers who were most likely to respond to a golf-related offer and were qualified to become members. Key characteristics included: living in the region, household income above 200k, and playing or intending to play golf (identified through BBM survey data and Environics Analytics PRIZM data). We developed a list of postal codes ranked by likelihood to become a member, then used Cornerstone data to find their names and addresses. Our messaging was crafted to resonate with the audience, while our sleek design, intriguing packaging and valuable offer demanded a response.

The campaign generated more than 45 leads, equaling a 1.5% response rate, doubling objectives. Even more importantly, the campaign was responsible for two new Hunt Club memberships, which provided a 3:1 marketing spend ROI for the first year of memberships.

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