Canadian Armed Forces – Know Your Forces: Driving web traffic with a quiz

Before choosing to join the Forces, potential recruits often have questions about military life and whether or not it’s a good fit. Realizing this, our client at the Canadian Armed Forces tasked our team with developing an interactive quiz to answer common questions, remove barriers, and challenge misconceptions related to life in the Forces.

There were several stages to building the How Well Do You Know Your Forces quiz. First, our copywriting team wrote 100 unique multiple-choice questions (and answers) in English and French, while our design team established the look and feel and our digital team planned the functionality of the quiz. Once approved, the site was designed, developed, and tested to ensure desktop and mobile functionality.

The finished product continues to be used as an interactive recruitment tool as part of the Get to Know Your Forces (Découvrez vos Forces) section(s) of FORCES.CA.

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