Kettleman’s Bagels: #ChangeHabits

What needed to change

Ottawa-based Kettleman’s Bagels wanted to consolidate its success by driving more takeout food customers to its stores and restaurants, be prominent on the consideration list for catering, and drive loyalty app downloads.

#ChangeMarketing solution

To change people’s eating habits and have them choose wholesome and convenient bagel options, we created and implemented a detailed social media and Google search media campaign and strategy that improved Kettleman’s engagement and created measurable sales results.

What changed

  • In Google search, cost-per-click decreased by 24% and click-through-rate increased by 104% in the first month
  • By allowing for conversion tracking, we saw an increase of 500% catering orders online in the first month
  • Android loyalty app installs increased by 120% and IOS app installs increased by 88% in the first month
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