Public Health Agency of Canada – Fight Flu: Increasing immunization rates

In July 2007, Acart teamed with the Public Health Agency of Canada to develop a national healthcare marketing campaign to educate and alert Canadians about the H1N1 flu virus and how to increase personal protection and preparedness levels.

It was essential to relay key messages that would influence and change behaviour and help stop the spread of H1N1. To achieve this, Acart developed a long-term, integrated campaign with iconic, memorable imagery and actionable messaging that provided information about infection prevention behaviours, personal preparedness, and the importance of immunization.

The Fight Flu campaign was effective – Canada ended up having one of the highest vaccination rates in the world at 40%. The drive-to-web analytics were equally as impressive: The Public Health Agency of Canada’s H1N1 web content was visited 6.4 million times, with over 20 million pages of content viewed, and more than 200,000 H1N1 information products downloaded.

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