Elections Canada: Getting More Canadians Ready To Vote!

Acart worked with Elections Canada to develop a simple, memorable brand for the 2015 general election. The message “Ready to Vote” (Prêt à voter,) clearly positioned Elections Canada’s mandate as one of an authoritative information source and helpful resource for voters.

The graphic concept focused on a stick figure that was inclusive to voters of all ethnicities, animated to highlight voting dates and information. On TV, radio and online, this was accompanied with memorable jazz that set the tone of simplicity and ease of registration and voting.

Our mainstream campaign was featured on television, radio, and major print and online media outlets as well as out-of-home ads on select transit and outdoor placements, and video ads on Tim Hortons in-store screens. There was also an outreach to youth through unconventional media such as native advertising on Buzzfeed.

Voter turnout was 68.49 % (not including those who registered on Voting Day) this was an increase from 61.1% in 2011, and the highest turnout since 1993. Elections Canada’s website was visited more than 16 million times.

Elections Canada had never been on Facebook or Twitter before. From launching the channels, it went to a following of approximately 13,000 (E) and 1,600 (F) on Twitter, and 28,000 (E) and 5,000 (F) on Facebook. Facebook ads generated 331,000 clicks. The organic Twitter posts earned almost 18,000 retweets. A Twitter promoted hashtag (#elxn42/#fed2015) had an engagement rate of 15.7% (E) and 13.6% (F) — many times the government average of 3%!

Elections Canada social media

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