Human Resources and Skills Development Canada – Elder Abuse: Raising awareness

In 2007, the Government of Canada’s Speech from the Throne announced the introduction of new measures to help address elder abuse. Our team partnered with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) to raise awareness about elder abuse and provide vulnerable seniors with assistance.

Acart developed a detailed three-year strategic plan for HRSDC to raise the general level of understanding. This included the production of ads for TV and print, web banners, a brochure, a pop-up display, and roll-up banners. The creative strategy for television (which branched out into other media) let the viewer witness elder abuse in an anonymous way, resembling a real life situation, and through its emotional approach, provoked action.

The results of this elder abuse campaign were outstanding, achieving 58% total aided recall, 53% unaided recall and 54% aided TV recall.


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