Metro Transit – Do It On The Bus: Increasing ridership

If you want to go viral, why not Do It On The Bus? That was our solution to increase ridership by at least 1–2% for Metro Transit!

The campaign’s cheeky slogans were based on the insight that public transit offers commuters the opportunity to engage in activities that they cannot (or should not) do while driving a car. We developed communications materials for transit properties (out-of-home), digital, print, radio and email blasts, as well as a microsite that included shareable content such as infographics.

Major media outlets (including: CBC, Global News, Yahoo! Canada, Metro, The Chronicle Herald) published articles about Do It On The Bus, and the creative was featured on Ads of The World. Exceeding projections, digital media ads delivered 34.5 million impressions and 12,116 click-throughs. Moreover, the team eclipsed the objective, achieving a 3.4% increase in transit ridership.

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