#CrackingHunger: Raising funds to build an egg barn in Swaziland

One-ninth of the global population suffers from chronic hunger. Many of these hungry children and families live in developing parts of the world, such as Swaziland, Africa where 1 in 3 persons is undernourished. Alongside our client Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC), we developed campaign materials to raise funds (through Heart for Africa) to build an egg barn in Swaziland and provide a much-needed source of local, high-quality protein.

As a first component of the campaign, we designed an infographic to highlight facts about hunger in Swaziland, pique interest about the egg barn project, and drive the audience to the donation page. Next, we developed a hashtag (#CrackingHunger) to be used as the anchor of the campaign, social media content and graphics (paid and organic), and an ally toolkit. We also created a landing page to further inform the audience about the initiative and inspire them to take action and make a donation. Our approach to the design and content was to be concise, positive and informative. It was important to us, and EFC, to use a mix of illustrations and authentic Heart for Africa photos to convey the facts, as well as create an emotional connection with the audience.

On January 20, 2016, EFC announced that the egg barn is in operation. Since then, the campaign has been featured by many media outlets, including CTV Ottawa, Canadian Poultry Magazine, and The Telegram. As of December 2016, the #CrackingHunger project has raised $893,723.00 towards their $1 million goal!

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