#ChangeVoting Elections Canada 2019 Election Pre-writ Campaign

What needed to change

Canada is a proud democratic country, we love having the right to vote. Research shows that the best way to ensure that people who want to vote, will, is to ensure they are registered in advance and encourage them to make a plan to vote.

#ChangeMarketing solution

A unifying demographic across the range of low-turnout voters is age. They tend to be younger and therefore digitally active over traditional media, and are drawn to bright, engaging, and dynamic visuals — with succinct messaging — that work on handheld devices.

We developed a colourful pre-writ campaign that included a live action video along with icons and infographics that work with the volume turned down or up, as well as on printed material such as posters and brochures which are preferred by older audiences. The pre-writ campaign is designed to encourage voters to have their say, register and be ready when the writ drops.

What changed

  • YouTube videos completion rate is 58% (GC benchmark 42%) with the highest completion amongst 18-34 at 61%, right on our target audience
  • Facebook/Instagram reached over 2 million views at 9.5% frequency with below average cost in English and French
  • Strong results across Snapchat, Twitter and GDN
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