#ChangePerceptions: Hydro Ottawa We Energize Your Life

What needed to change

Our perception of electricity. We don’t think about hydro very often, mostly when the bill arrives or when there is an outage. But we would be lost without it. No TV nights, no hockey at the rink, no school plays, not much of the things we love to do. We wanted to raise understanding of the important role hydro plays in our lives every day.

#ChangeMarketing solution

We know that while hydro is a commodity product, Ottawa’s residents and business operations depend on it to do what they enjoy doing or need to be doing. Dependability is the key whether you’re at home, in a hospital, at university or work. We know that the people at Hydro Ottawa understand this, and they’re always on to make sure Ottawa is always on.

The fact that Hydro Ottawa never stops its efforts to deliver hydro to the lives of Ottawans led us to Hydro Ottawa – We Energize Your Life/Votre Vie, Votre Énergie

What changed

  • Over 6.4m ad impressions delivered, 1.3x higher than planned
  • Over 2.3m ad impressions across Facebook and Instagram, 805k higher than planned
  • 26,160 people recall seeing this campaign
  • GDN drove lowest CPM, YouTube the highest
  • Social media video executions had best performance on this channel
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