#ChangePerceptions: Hydro Ottawa Paperless Billing

What needed to change

Hydro Ottawa wanted to migrate a greater proportion of customers to online billing and automated payment services from more costly and wasteful paper billing.

#ChangeMarketing solution

To change perceptions about the need to conserve paper, Acart looked at the value of paper through a child’s eyes, and finding more creative uses for paper besides printed bills. Real CHEO patients demonstrated the fun kids can have with paper — like finger painting and origami. With the campaign message, “Save Paper For What Matters” — bolstered by the incentive of Hydro Ottawa donating $5 to CHEO for every customer who signed up — we reached customers through a paid media strategy including out-of-home, transit, and digital and social media advertising.

What changed

  • Increased online billing sign ups by 15%
  • Increased automated payment sign ups by 9.5%
  • Exceed sign up target by 13%
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