#ChangeEngagement: CP Women’s Open, Regina Sask.

What needed to change

The CP Women’s Open has strong equity within the international golfing community. We needed to make the event more relevant and relatable to the Regina area, creating community awareness, online engagement, and social media buzz to drive ticket sales.

#ChangeMarketing solution

To increase fan engagement in Regina and across the golfing world, Acart developed and implemented a detailed social media and paid media strategy that included content, and real-time marketing on-site, as well out-of-home, television, radio, transit, print, digital sponsored content, and digital advertising.

What changed

  • 39% increased social media engagement compared to previous year
  • 138,252 increase in video views compared to previous year
  • Exceeded digital impression target by 33%
  • 7% increase in website visits from digital ads compared to previous year
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