#ChangeBranding: Equispheres Sales Collateral

What needed to change

As developers and manufacturers of high-performance metal powders, Equispheres wants to stand out worldwide in the highly-competitive automotive and aerospace industries. To enhance their reach to target markets, Equispheres had scheduled appearances at several trade shows throughout North America and Europe and needed sales materials that would showcase the company and the benefits of its powders.

#ChangeMarketing solution

A new tagline “Start equal, finish ahead” summarizes what the product is all about. Using this new brand messaging, we developed trade show backdrops, table covers, a website, and a fact sheet. Two videos were planned and developed, one showcasing the flowability of the Equispheres product – a large selling feature of the product – and the other a short promotional video highlighting the benefits of Equispheres.

What changed

  • Equispheres attended several trade shows for powder material across North America and Europe and successfully networked with potential clients
  • Equispheres stood out against the competition in clearly demonstrating the benefits of their product
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