#ChangeBranding: Drug-Impaired Driving Learning Centre

What needed to change

In 2016, the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) received funding to develop a web-based tool to synthesize evidence-based research on drug-impaired driving. Acart needed to develop the tool’s brand identity, communicating what the tool is and what it is used for.

#ChangeMarketing solution

Acart developed the tool’s name, tagline, and logo design. The name Drug-Impaired Driving Learning Centre (DIDLC) communicates that the tool is interactive and educational, while the tagline “Knowledge informing strategies” clarifies the intention. The design uses a 3-D effect to simulate the blurred vision of a drugged driver.

What changed

  • Drug-Impaired Driving Learning Centre was launched in early 2017
  • DIDLC now plays an important role in supporting efforts of governments and road safety stakeholders to prevent and reduce drug-impaired driving
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