CazaSaikaley – Corporate Branding: Building a visual identity

Experienced lawyers Ronald Caza and Jeff Saikaley launched a fully bilingual law firm in downtown Ottawa, and wanted to enter the market with a great first impression. The objective was to create a memorable and respectable corporate and visual identity that complemented their Franco-Ontarian roots.

Our team first met with the firm’s key players to learn about their culture, which enabled us to hone in on what separated them from others in the marketplace. Following this, we developed a brand identity for CazaSaikaley that was in line with the firm — confident and professional, yet modern and approachable. In addition, we updated their website so it was easy to navigate, replete with valuable information for someone interested in hiring a law firm, and complimentary to the new brand. Our guiding principle throughout the project was to keep a close eye on the French messaging to guarantee it expertly matched the English in eloquence and meaning. To achieve this, our French copywriter worked closely with the client to ensure perfect tone and sentiment was expressed in both languages.

With client-focused, confident messaging and a unique visual identity that mirrored the company culture, CazaSaikaley has been able to stand out in the competitive Ottawa legal market.

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