Traffic Injury Research Foundation – Brain On Board: Engaging and educating drivers

Our team partnered with the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, and the Toyota Foundation to start a new conversation about safe driving by launching an initiative to teach Canadians how to use their vehicle’s safety features more effectively.

We came up with the branded road safety campaign Brain on Board, and promoted it with a series of posters that use a combination of rebus and words to spell out a message about safer driving. By engaging the viewer to decode the poster, it literally forces them to think differently. The microsite we created for them is still accessible today and hosts research-based, reader-friendly content explaining safety features and driver behaviour. has gained over 165,000 hits and plenty of earned media – 12 newspaper articles and 12 online articles have showcased the campaign, including The Globe and Mail, National Post, Vancouver Sun, Montreal Gazette, Toronto Sun, and the Ottawa Citizen. Brain On Board was also featured on Ads of The World, rated the #1 most influential marketing blog by AdWeek.

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