Our newest transit campaign: Do it on the bus

We’ve been doing public transit advertising for quite a few years now, but it’s still a thrill to launch a campaign in a new market. For the past couple of months, we’ve been developing this campaign for Halifax Metro Transit. Today, it launched!

Do It On The Bus Ad for Metro Transit - Transit Marketing

Do It On The Bus is all about making people more aware of the opportunities bus riders have to work, play, connect and relax while they get around the city. With distracted driving in cars becoming more and more of a hot-button road safety issue, the bus lets riders have a little “me time” doing things they never could (or should) do behind the wheel of a car.

Do it on the bus ad - Transit Marketing

As well as the ads that appear on transit, in print, online and and on the radio, the campaign is rolling out with a branded microsite to provide more information about the personal and benefits of transit. It uses infographics to put all of the good news into context:

Do It On The Bus - Environmental benefits infographic

We also partnered with two Halifax radio stations, C100 and 101.3 The Bounce to extend the campaign into some fun on-air contests and promotions.

Thanks to our clients, our partners, and everyone here at Acart who made this campaign come together.

do it on the bus ad - man sleeping behind the wheel

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