Our latest energy efficiency campaign helps you keep your money in your home

Acart Communications’ latest campaign for the Government of Canada launched online and on-air today.

Developed for Natural Resources Canada, it prompts Canadian homeowners to take advantage of grants available to make their homes more energy efficient.



This was one of our fastest-ever TV productions of this scale, and was shot less than two weeks ago in Montreal by Director Jean-Marc Piché of Cinéland.

Our concept and script were inspired by the old cliche of “throwing money out the window” that comes up so often when talking about inefficient homes. In this case, however, we made it more of an active struggle between the homeowner and the house for her hard-earned cash.

Thanks to a great camera work by Jean-Marc and his DOP Steve Danyluk, and a great physical comedy performance by actress Jean Nicolai, the script came to life with just the right balance of light humour and message seriousness. In post the original music and sound design by our lngtime collaborator, Luc Prefontaine at Studio Lamajeure, gave the banknote its own personality.

Stay tuned for the print and digital ads…

Acart Credits

Creative Directors: John Staresinic, Tom Megginson, Vernon Lai
Copywriters: Tom Megginson, Christopher Redmond, Vincent LeBlanc
Art Directors: Vernon Lai, Perry Gray, Kerry Hodgson
Production Manager: Lynn Norris
Agency Producer: Pierrette Bornais
Account Director: Craig Cebryk
Account Manager: Amanda Van de Ven
Account Coordinator: Laurence De Montigny St-Onge
Media Director: Sue McKinney
Online Media Strategist/Planner: Kevin Scannell

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