Old-School Media

As much as I welcome the emergence of social media and its challenge to traditional advertising, I have a confession to make: I really love the oldest of all ad media, the hoarding poster:

James Orlando Parry, A London Street Scene (1835)

So while we’re proud of the cool special effects we pulled off for our Jobs of Tomorrow campaign for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), we are equally thrilled to see our much more targeted campaign for apprentices taking to the streets:

Corner of Bank & Somerset, Downtown Otttawa

Yes, it’s straightforward. That’s the whole point. You see, we tested a whole bunch of cool concepts with real apprentices, to see if the ads would encourage them to claim their $4000 in federal grants. Their reaction was almost unanimous: “Show us the money!”

So we did. Because it’s all about the audience. (They also wanted realistic pictures of tradespeople.) And so the oldest of all advertising media ended up getting one of the most classic old-school ad approaches.

With one exception:

Because the audience may be conservative in their ad tastes, but they love technology.

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