New Year, New You at Your Workplace

Returning to your desk after the holidays doesn’t have to be a mid-winter downer.

The start of a new year can give you the chance to wipe the slate clean both personally and professionally. Change can bring innovation and usually leads to increased productivity. Plus, you’ll get that satisfying feeling of accomplishment. The trick though, is following through and not giving into temptation when you feel like settling back into your familiar groove.

Here are some suggestions for your New Year’s work resolutions:

Don’t hide in your cubicle: Keep that holiday spirit going by socializing more with your work colleagues. You did it during the festive season. Why isolate yourself now? The more you interact with your fellow coworkers, the better chance they may want to help you out in the future. It’s easier to help a friend, than it is to help a stranger.

Cut the gossip: Though it may make you the centre of attention at the water cooler, there’s no way your fellow coworkers will be able trust you,  professionally or personally, if you spread rumours around the office. 

Find a work mentor: We all need some self-improvement from time to time, after all that’s what makes us grow and succeed. Finding a mentor that you respect can help expand your thinking and your horizons. It’s always great to have a new set of eyes to offer a different perspective. If you set achievable goals, having a mentor might even make you more productive.

Charity begins with you: Make it a point to volunteer outside your workplace. Volunteering opens your mind and exposes you to new experiences you can take back to the workplace.

Thank You, Merci, Gracias: You spend time establishing professional and personal relationships. In this day and age, you can never take them for granted. Make a point to express your gratitude more often. Expressions of thanks have more substance when the person receiving least expects it. You don’t have to break the bank to say thanks to a work colleague. A simple thank you note goes a long way.

Track your accomplishments: Whether on paper or digitally, make note of your everyday successes; this will give you a sense of accomplishment. You don’t have pour your heart out. Looking back at your accomplishments will motivate you to achieve your next goal.

Network monthly: Now that you’ve spent time networking on the holiday party circuit, continue reaching out at least once a month. There always seems to be an organized networking event somewhere. If you can’t find one, go for a coffee with a contact instead.  Exchanging ideas is a great way to connect, and might even bring in new business. Your boss will thank you for that.

Update your resume: Why is it that we only update our resumes after we’re let go from a job? Why wait ‘til then? There’s nothing worse than having that depressing “laid-off-from-work” feeling as you try to highlight your accomplishments for your next job search. Take the time to regularly update your resume. It’s easier when you have a job in hand… and you’ll be ready when you don’t.

No matter if you follow all these suggestions or just one, here’s wishing you the best start to the new year at work!

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